The Archive

The archive of the Uxío Novoneyra Foundation is made up of more than 2000 documents of bibliographic, documentary, graphic and audiovisual heritage. Most of the documentation is in the physical archive of the Foundation’s headquarters in Parada do Courel and the rest is in family residences. Half of the documentation is digitalized in the Galiciana Arquivo Dixital de Galicia repositories and in the PARES Portal of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The archive is divided into two important collections: Novo y Neira Family and Uxío Novoneyra.


This collection focuses on the history of the Casa da Fonte, Uxío’s birthplace in Parada do Courel (current headquarters of this Foundation) and his family, the Neyra and Pol lineage. This documentation has a great historical value for its reflection of the Galician rural nobility in the mountains with documents dating from the 16th century through forums, lawsuits, inventories of purchase and sale…

It is an open window to the daily life of the mountain in the past.


This collection is the body of the archive. It is made up of all the documentation related to the figure of Uxío Novoneyra, both of his own authorship (poems, writings, drawings) and archives of other authors who were part of his life.


The poet from Noia, “dynamiter of speech” as Uxío Novoneyra called her. They were neighbors in the village of Parada when María moved with her husband, who had his destination as a national teacher in the house-school of the place. It was Novoneyra who encouraged her to write and publish her poetry in Galician. In the Foundation’s collection we keep original poems, correspondence and drawn portraits of the poet.


One of Uxío’s great friends, oral poet and bohemian figure of the Café Gijón. They met in Madrid at the emblematic café when Uxío worked at Radio Televisión Española. They maintained a strong friendship and an ongoing creative dialogue for decades. Carlos Oroza visited Uxío Novoneyra several times and lived for long periods in Parada’s house. In the archive we keep a lot of Oroza’s documentation, such as poems, correspondence and a lot of graphic material.


The fund contains several collections of Uxío’s friends, among which we highlight the photographic collections of Federico García Cabezón, Emilio Araúxo and Xan G. Muras.

Uxío at Casa da Fonte. Photography by Emilio Araúxo

Identity card, 1970

Portrait of Uxío Novoneyra by Tino Grandío

Photography by Federico García Cabezón

Construction of a poem. “Romance das 5 rapazas”

Uxío with Carlos Oroza, 1974

Calligram “Bailas e faisme libre”, 1968

Correspondence from María Mariño